If you want to increase  food production, food safety and a more efficient  use of natural resources you should look into horticulture.
To make it happen in a sustainable way, we offer an  integrated portfolio  of the best products and services that use the Dutch knowledge, skills and technology.

Soil Analysis & Advice

Soil analysis & advice

We provide a simple and fast way of scanning your soil on N, P, K and pH with the SoilScanner of SoilCares. Based on a quick scan with spectography you will get within 10 minutes an advice on what will grow well on your soil and what kind of fertilizers you might need.

Best Seeds You Can Get

Best seeds you can get

We are official supplier of RijkZwaan seeds in Rwanda. Their improved seeds gives higher yield and play an important role in healthy nutrition.

Nutrients And Soil Improvement

Nutrients and soil improvement

Growing your seeds starts with a good soil. Next to fertilizers, it often needs  essential micro and macro nutrients. We have several solutions to improve the growth of your crop, like Cropmax of Holland Farming.

Irrigation Solutions

Irrigation solutions

Irrigation is necessary to increase the cropproduction with less water. Our products covers the range from smallholder farmers to large greenhouses with driptubes and tape from Rivulis and advanced climate computers and software of Hoogendoorn Growth Management.



A greenhouse can be one of the most efficient way to grow.  With our Dutch partners like Bosman Van Zaal we can provide from high-tech to middle-tech greenhouses, and we are working on a low-tech version.
Integrated Pest Management

Integrated pest management

Crops need to be protected against pests and diseases. Koppert offers natural, safe solutions that improves crop health, resilience and production to sustain a sustainable production.
The development of successful horticulture is not an overnight gain, but a precise combination of factors. Development and integration of those factors need time. We will be there to help you.
To ensure your success, we offer you an integrated approach of
  • only the best products and services from international leading companies
  • a complete product portfolio that covers all your needs from seed to market
  • dedicated training and longterm business support to make sure you will get the best result. We put a lot of attention to proper training. It comes with our products, but you can also contact us if you need a trainer in the field of horticulture
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Bringing you the experience and knowledge of the leading
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“A Dutch greenhouse is the answer to Rwanda’s land shortage challenge. For us to ensure food security and have surplus for the market, it is mandatory to use technology so that we harvest more on small acreage,”

With the RijkZwaan seeds provided by Holland Greentech we got 100% germination. That is incredible. We immediately ordered again.

Holland Greentech has everything I need to improve my horticulture. And they are always there to help you if needed.


Irrigation training

Holland Greentech is happy to announce that we are proud dealer of Rivulis Irrigation systems.…

Try now yellow peppers!

Last week, our agronomists Jacques and Justine visited a client who used our RijkZwaan-seeds to…

Bramin & Holland Greentech collaborating on further improvement of seedling production

Bramin & Holland Greentech, working together to further improve vegetable seedling production.